Market Cooking Market Cooking Lemon Mint Ricotta Ricotta from Naragansett Creamery purchased at Hopkinton Farmers Market Not the same ricotta you buy at the supermarket. I need to stock up next Sunday! ? with Naragansett Creamery and Hopkinton Farmers Market. 194012386 Dinner! Mozzarella egg omelet and sautéed cherry tomatoes and spinach with a side of Berry Chia Jam on toast. Eggs from Shady Pines. Mozzarella stuffed with prosciutto from Naragansett Creamery. Cherry tomatoes and blueberries from Heirloom Harvest. 194012387 Sidedish! Ridiculously Easy Radish Hash Browns ready for the oven. Thank you Kelly's Farm in Upton for the gorgeous pink radishes! 194012388 Salad! Thank you Long Life Farm for providing such delicious kale for my Blueberry Kale Salad! 194012389